• Elizabeth Sarah Hanson


Updated: Apr 15

Disclosure: I promise my posts won't be so long but I think I've had this written out in my head since I first started!

The question I get asked most is:

"How did you get started?"

The truth is, it was kind of on accident when I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do for my career!

As scary as it is to admit, after graduating with a B.A. in Psychology I realized that what I had planned for was NOT a good fit, and the art I did for fun seemingly had no place in the "real world" . Four years of hard work, and a good chunk of change and I was working as an assistant manager at a local gym with no idea how to proceed.

Enter: Holistic Living Fair

The gym decided to throw a fair with local vendors and I jumped at the opportunity to challenge myself with something new - and being the creative Type A sort they didn't have any issues with me running it. Elbows deep in planning and loving the amount of detail that goes into it I realized that there was a whole Wedding and Events Industry. My mind was blown- large scale florists, custom designed bars, vintage furniture rentals, 15 piece bands and... WEDDING. PLANNERS.

Right then I fell in love with the industry- without ever having stepped foot in it. I hadn't been to a wedding since I was eight. Eight! As a flower girl in a family wedding... Not one to half-a$$ anything, I decided to get into the wedding industry and to only learn and work with the best. So when Lauryn Prattes Events posted on instagram they had an internship opening, I jumped!

I somehow convinced Lauryn to hire someone 7.5 hours away with a full-time job and no place to live in the area, and with no experience as an event planner. I still think it was the rather basic doodle I did on my research binder full of DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) wedding vendors that sealed the deal.

A week later I handed in my two week notice, found a place to live four days before moving, packed up everything I needed (including a yoga mat to sleep on for the first week before I got a bed), and hightailed it to Virginia.


It was an incredible experience lead by Lauryn who took a chance on hiring me AND decided to trust me with a few small calligraphy jobs; starting with her own wedding thank you cards and working me up to my first full wedding as a calligrapher. There were big steps in planning as well, from taking on a rehearsal dinner to running the reception set-up on a large December wedding. Without that remarkable experience I wouldn't have met Laura Hooper or the Abby Jiu Photography team, gotten into the luxury stationery world or founded Paper Crane Calligraphy. All of that because I decided to trust my gut and take a leap.

I moved back home to Central New York one year later, when I had to face the fact that I liked this guy (now fiancé), and eventually want to become a mother. In this theoretical future my free babysitters were 7.5 hours away! I missed my family and my hometown - which apparently was booming with new restaurants, hang out spots and wedding venues!

I found a job at a letterpress printing company, where for two years I delved into the ins and outs of wedding stationery and everything that comes with it. In the Spring of 2019 I found the right moment to take one more leap, leaving the corporate office world and starting Paper Crane Calligraphy full time. I have the most supportive family and fiancé, I have an incredible community in the CNY wedding industry, and am blessed with wonderful clients!

I couldn't be more grateful for where I am right now - for all that I have learned, everyone who I have met and who has supported me and my art, and for all that is to come!




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